Dead Awake

**Scroll down for Volume 2 submission guidelines**

Dead Awake: A Little Book of Horrors is a collection of YA horror stories written and illustrated by students at Centreville Middle School (Centreville, Maryland). More than just a school project, students worked with editor J. S. Dewey to compose multiple revisions of their stories over the course of six months. The result is a polished, beautifully illustrated collection that packs a punch and will haunt you well after you set the book down.

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“Dead Awake” features over 150 pages of horror! Fourteen short stories, four poems, two featured artists, and over nineteen original illustrations and photographs! In stock and available for purchase at for $22. All proceeds go to supporting the Creative Writing Club at Centreville Middle School.

Volume 2 Submission Guidelines

We are now accepting submissions for short horror stories, poems, comics, and artwork for the 2019/20 school year.

QACHS students, grades 9-12, are eligible to submit. We are seeking polished pieces that feature haunting imagery, authentic characters, eery settings, dark themes. We love creatures that bristle our neck hair, unique takes on zombies and vampires, but are just as intrigued by real-world horrors of daily life.

Unfortunately, not all submissions can be accepted for publication. If your work is accepted, the editor will likely require light to substantial revision of your piece before it’s published. (Respect the process, please!) Read carefully the guidelines below for the category to which you are submitting.

Short Story: Submit one 500-to-5,000-word story on a Google Doc & share it with no later than January 1, 2020. Include your name in the title. A singular POV is key in a good story. No cliff-hanger endings, please. Violence is acceptable so long as it is implied, not explicit. Read A.M. Thomas’s Mr. Shadows, posted above, for a great example of implied violence.

Poetry: Submit one to four poems on a single Google Doc & share it with no later than January 1, 2020. Include your name in the title. We seek both lyric and narrative poetry, formal and free-verse. We love figurative language, specific word choices, and strong, haunting images. Wow us with your language.

Artwork: Submit original copies of photographs, paintings, illustrations, anything you consider fine art, to the address below no later than February 1, 2020. We seek artwork that provokes a dark, visceral reaction, but please use sound judgment when submitting graphic content. This is a young adult magazine, after all:

Mr. J. S. Dewey
Centreville Middle School
231 Ruthsburg Road
Centreville, MD 21617

Comics: Submit an original copy of a single-page comic, penned in ink, paneled however you want, to the address above no later than February 1, 2020. Please keep a young adult audience in mind when conveying graphic content.

You may submit to more than one category if you’d like. Expect to wait a month before we get back to you with a decision.

Happy writing,
And good luck,
J. S. Dewey